PDX Home Repair Company, CCB# 215475*

Why Choose PDX Home Repair?

We LOVE what we do
and it shows!

  1. We free you up to do the things you would rather be doing.
  2. We work quickly and efficiently.
  3. No more squabbles with your partner, spouse, or kids about getting things done!
  4. We're professional, friendly, good natured people.
  5. Our rates are so reasonable, you can't afford NOT to use us.
  6. We will happily take over any do-it yourself projects that you have given up on.
  7. 75% of our business comes from satisfied customer referrals.
  8. We do your chores exactly as you would like them to be done.
  9. We use our own equipment--saving you money on extra gizmos, tools, and sometimes even material.
  10. We are licensed for our trades.